Lloyd Washington


I trained from 1961 to 1966 at The Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art. I worked for a few years as a designer and migrated to commerce for the remainder of my career, dabbling occasionally but not returning to art until my retirement in 2001. Starting again from scratch, in an amateur capacity, I have divided my attention between sculpture and painting, focusing more on painting in recent years. I generally work in two prime media; oils to produce very traditional, representational work (mainly still life paintings) and acrylics to produce images employing greater freedom in both contextual and formal aspects. I use mixed media for sculptures. My non-conventional work is mainly generated by ideas derived from my travels, world news, history and sometimes the paintings of the old masters. In broad terms it is the image that matters to me. The media and genre are chosen to suit. The iconography can often be surreal and the technique may vary from comic strip to hard-edge abstraction. Major influences range from Vermeer to Joseph Cornell via Max Ernst. Please visit my website at www.Artzeit.com