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Lockdown Resources

With art social events and workshops being still being limited for the time being, it is hoped to use this page of the website to highlight some of the numerous online resources now available to keep our members inspired and motivated over the coming months.

The Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021

This exhibition is available to view online.

Grayson's Art Club

Channel 4 on Mondays at 8pm (started 27th April). Series is now available on (requires a sign in to view}.

Sky Arts - Portrait of the Week

A 'free to all' short series of live, online portrait sessions - you can watch, paint along and submit your work online. This started on Sunday, 26th April, but you can watch the replay of the first session on Facebook here.

Philip Mould Art in Isolation

Philip Mould known for his part in the "Fake or Fortune" television programme is producing a series of Youtube videos called Philip Mould Art in Isolation about his house and art collection.

The Royal Academy

Visit the Royal Academy YouTube Channel to see a virtual tour of the Picasso and Paper exhibition.

The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 208th exhibition

For those disappointed at not being able to visit this year's exhibition at The Mall Galleries, the works are available to browse on-line here>.

Laura Boswell

Laura is a printmaker specialising in linocut and Japanese woodblock printing. She has recently started a comprehensive series of YouTube videos about her linocut process.

Colour in Your Life

Another YouTube channel featuring artists from around the world using many different techniques and mediums. Enough content here to keep one engaged for many hours. Youtube videos.

SAA - Video On Demand

From step-by-step tutorials to prestigious demonstrations and lectures, we've got it all here. Covering a massive range of mediums, styles, subjects and with all your favourite artists, it's a treasure trove of creativity. And if you're an SAA member, access is absolutely free as part of your membership. You can browse through the collection or use the search filters to find your favourite artist, medium or subject and explore all the inspirational content as often as you like!